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This week you will be creating a travel brochure to persuade people to come and visit Greece! You will however be taking yourself back in time to Ancient Greek times and creating your brochure from the Ancient Greek perspective so as if people are travelling to Greece during that time! 

Monday 6th July 

Today you will be researching and regathering all the information you've learned about Ancient Greece. Research what would be really interesting to visit back then! Think of events such as the Olympic Games!! Also the Trojan Horse, Old Temple of Athena, Temple of Zeus, Mount Olympus, Museums and loads more! 

Gather a list of attractions and events people could go and see and research what it interesting about them. 

Below are some links to help get you started:

Greece Ultimate Travel Guide | Best Places to Visit | Top Attractions

Ancient sun-bleached ruins pierce blue skies as the Aegean laps at the endless coastline. And Greek culture is alive with passionate music, inspired cuisine ...

Tuesday 7th July 

Today we will be looking over what the main features of persuasion texts are. These texts are designed to persuade the reader. In this case, we want to persuade the reader to travel to Greece! Here are the key features of persuasion texts:

  • Title
  • Facts and evidence
  • Reasons to support
  • Powerful adjectives
  • Persuasive devices: agreement e.g. obviously, without doubt
  • Emotive language - makes reader feel a particular emotion
  • Pictures/photos
  • Subheadings 


Now have a look at the travel brochure examples below. There are lots more online for you to further research if you want to. Look at how they are set out, what language is used to persuade the reader to visit.

Travel Brochures

Write a list of what points you will make in your travel brochure. What language will you use? What attractions will you choose etc.

Wednesday 8th July

Create a mind map for your travel brochure. Include: attractions/key sites, events they can visit, scenery, food etc. 

Look at the example below to help you.

Mind Map Example

Thursday 9th July 

Create your brochure! Use today and tomorrow's lesson time for English to create a travel brochure to persuade people to visit Ancient Greece! Remember all the features we talked about and go over your notes and mind maps to help. 

Send us your work! :D 


Here is an example format you can use but lay it out however you'd like.

Friday 10th July

Continue and finish your travel brochure. 

If you have already completed your, why not have a go at creating another one but for a different place! It could be a real place or a place of your imagination!