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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty


Robin Hood is back and he left us a note!



Dear Hedgehogs, 


It is me, Robin Hood. I am back, as I have been hiding from that pesky Sheriff of Nottingham. You won't tell him I am here will you? He thought I had ran away, but I am on my way back to Sherwood Forest. I have been taking money from the rich to have enough for the poor. Little John says hello and he has been by my side the whole way. I can't find Maid Marian though, so if you see her, please tell her to find me. 

Goodbye for now, 







Today we are continuing to practise our use of question marks. If you could interview Robin Hood what would you ask him?

Write your questions down and remember to use a question mark at the end. 


Today we would like you to write a letter back to Robin. You can include some of the questions you wrote yesterday. Also remember to use your phonics, finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.  
Use the template below to set out your letter correctly.



Today we are learning about compound sentences. We will use the conjunction and to write our compound sentences. A compound sentence is made from 2 clauses joined together with a conjunction.  

An example of this could be:

Robin wore a green hat and he had a red feather. 


Complete the sentences using and.


Maid Marian wore a purple dress and...

Little John carried a huge stick and...

The Sheriff of Nottingham wanted to catch Robin and...

The Major Oak was huge and...

Robin lived in Sherwood Forest and... 


Now can you write some of your own compound sentences using and?



Today we are learning about using the third person. This is where you are writing about someone else. For example you write using their name or using he/she. He is used for a boy and she is used for a girl. 

Watch the video below to learn about writing in the third person. 




Use the picture to practise writing sentences using the third person. 

For example:

She was smiling.

Friar Tuck was sat laughing. 

He was holding his bow and arrow. 


Friday - Big Write

Today we would like you to write a newspaper report to let everyone know Robin is back and what he has been up to. Remember to write in the third person, and show off your skills of using compound sentences. 

Use the template below to set out your newspaper report. 

You can even give your newspaper a name. What about 'The Westglade Times'?