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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty



Today we are going to get our SPAG on and revisit different word types. This is not new learning just a refresher so see what you can remember. Follow the BBC Bitesize link below, watch the videos and work your way through each activity. 


Today you will watch our clip of the week- I think you will really like this one! Watch it as many times as you need to grasp the story and talk about it with someone in your house. Can you relate to it in any way? Has there ever been a time when you have felt bored or had no one around to play with? How did this make you feel? How do you think the boy felt when he was dropped off at grandpa's house?

Taking Flight

Activity- I would like you to get a piece of plain paper and split the page in half. On one side you will draw a picture of the boy and describe his feelings when he is first dropped off at grandpa's house. On the other side of the page you will draw a picture of the boy and describe his feelings for how he feels when dad comes to pick him up after spending the day with grandpa.


You can use adjectives and words that describe feelings and emotions. Then write a few sentences underneath the picture, or on a separate bit of paper to sum up the boy's feelings at both parts of the film.


Today I would like you to re-watch the parts where the boy is on the adventure with grandpa and the different things he imagines. Pretend you are in the boy's shoes and grandpa is taking you on a new adventure. Where would you go? Discuss or think about some possible adventures that you might go on. Some ideas you might use if you are struggling could be:

  • back in time to the land of dinosaurs
  • underwater
  • a time in history e.g. Ancient Egypt


You don't have to use these ideas- you may have better ones yourself! Choose one that you can describe lots about.


Task- draw a picture of your next adventure with grandpa and label all the different things that you may come across in that world. E.g. if it was the land of the dinosaurs you may come across a hungry T-Rex! Then, write a few sentences to explain the things that happen whilst you're in that world. Who/what do you come across? Are you in danger at any point?


Today you will plan your writing ready for tomorrow! You have chosen the next adventure that you go on with grandpa in your imaginary world. You must encounter at least one problem whilst you are in that world and find a solution. Yesterday I gave the example of a hungry T-Rex chasing me. The solution could be that I somehow capture the T-Rex or find a hiding place like a cave where the T-Rex could not fit.


Task- you are to picture map your imaginary adventure with grandpa. 

  • where do you go to?
  • what/who is there?
  • what problems do you face?
  • how do you solve the problem?


Draw a picture for each part and write a few key words to help you 


Wuhoo big write time of your adventure with grandpa! Using your picture map to help you, I would like for you to write in the first person as though you are the little boy who goes on an adventure with grandpa into whichever imaginary land you created. Things you need to include to make sure your writing is tip top:

  • capital letters, full stops and finger spaces
  • adjectives to describe (describe feelings also)
  • hyperbole- exaggeration this is your imaginary adventure- go wild!
  • you must encounter at least one problem that you overcome with a solution- describe this in detail don't rush it
  • describe what grandpa is doing during your adventure
  • include some speech between you and your granpda- remember to use " "
  • paragraphs to organise writing remember to use for change in- time, topic, person or place