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I've been thinking really hard about a piece of writing to you can do that sums up your time at Westglade. After a little while, it came to me...I'd like you to write a graduation speech!


Follow the tasks each day and then work towards writing your own speech that could be delivered at your graduation ceremony. Although we are not able to have the celebrations I would have liked, it is still important that you think and reflect on your time at Westglade as well as thinking ahead to your next chapter. 


Follow the PowerPoint below, completing the activities as you go. You will also need to open the copy of the speech written by Martin Luther King.


Think about:

What techniques has he used?

How does his speech make the audience feel (you can search for the video of his speech on YouTube)?


Using the techniques you learnt about yesterday, have a go at writing the first draft of your speech. 

You might want to include the follow:

-Things you've enjoyed.

-Challenges you've overcome.

-People that have a made a difference to you (adults and children) and why.

-What have you learnt that you will take with you?

-What do you want the future to be like for you? This can be short term (so over the next year, what do you want to achieve?) or long term.


Today we are thinking about the delivery of your speech, so how will it sound to the audience. 


First, follow the PowerPoint below. 

Once you have done this, take another look at your own speech and think about the language you have used.


Can you edit you speech to make sure it will be powerful when you deliver it?


Try it out on someone at home and ask them to give you honest but constructive feedback.


Today is your chance to complete a final edit of your speech. You might want to do some research of different speeches on YouTube for some final ideas.


The link below is a great example of a child delivering a powerful speech. Can you be like Dalton?

Dalton Sherman Keynote speech - First (HD) high quality version to appear on the web

Watch this 9 year old student, Dalton Sherman, grab the attention of 20,000 adults and hold them in the palm of his hand. His inspiring and insightful speech...


Today I'd like you to rehearse and deliver your speech to someone at home. I'd love to see them so if you fancy recording it then please send it over to the office or share it with me on Twitter. Have fun!