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The Little Girl and the Dragon

Tuesday 28th April 

Can you answer these questions about the picture above? Discuss the picture with your family to help you come up with some fantastic vocabulary


  • Where are the girl and the dragon? What can they see from this place? What are they looking at? Where are they going?
  • Why are they here?
  • Are they friends? Does the girl own the dragon as a pet? Or does the dragon own the girl as its pet?
  • What type of dragon do you think it is? Is it friendly?
  • Does anyone else know that they’re up here? What will people say about their friendship?

Picture credit to: Little Oil/ Jhao-Yu Shih via Once Upon a Picture

Wednesday 29th April 

Can you describe the dragon?

What does he look like?

What colour is he?

What is he like? - is he kind, scary, happy? why? 

Thursday 30th April 

Can you draw a picture or create a map of where the girl and the dragon go on their journey? 

If you can, it would be great to do it on Purple Mash using 2Paint or 2Create so that I can see it! 

Friday 1st May

Write a story about the adventures of the girl and the dragon, use your answers to the questions above to help you. 

See if you can use some imaginative vocabulary (words) to make it exciting!

You could use some of these words - find out what they mean....


soar     scaly     horizon   brave