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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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Writing and SPaG

The links below take you to three lessons about writing a newspaper report from Oak National Academy.


Follow the lessons and then have a go at writing a newspaper report based on your research on the outbreak of World War 2 from last week.


On Friday, we will be following an online 'Big Write' style lesson which the whole school will be taking part it so I will share the link on Friday. Have you pens and paper ready for 9:40 as the lesson starts at 9:45.

Monday 27th April

Spellings for the week

Tuesday 28th April
Wednesday 20th April

Thursday 30th April

Continue working on the newspaper report you started yesterday. I can't wait to see them!

Friday 1st May

Follow the YouTube link below  (on Friday) to Jane Considine's writing session (you can follow her Twitter to get daily links too @janeconsidine). Her lesson begins at 9:45 and shows you the clip you will be writing about, shows you some examples and model writes a few sections (just like I would at school). You then select the section you would like to write about and have a go. There is then the option to submit your writing to be selected for the 'Nation's Story' at 3:30pm where Mrs Considine will read a selection of children's writing from around the country. 


Have fun and get writing!

Big Write style writing lesson

Super Sentence Stacking with Jane Considine - For The Birds - Writing Lesson

Welcome to Jane Considine's Super Sentence Stacking. Today we will be using the short film Windmill Farmer as inspiration for our Super Sentence Stacking. Yo...

[HD] Pixar - For The Birds | Original Movie from Pixar

This is the video to watch for Jane Considine lesson today.