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Writing & SPaG

You should have watched lessons 1 and 2 from Oak National Academy on the reading section of the E-Learning pages and now be ready for lessons 3,4 and 5 which moves on to looking at the features of the text type followed by some writing. 


At the bottom of the page, I have included some sentence and grammar tasks you complete throughout the week.

Friday 8th May


Last week we launched the use of Jane Considine's 'Super Sentence Stacking' to allow you to have a go at your own Big Write at home. Follow the link on her Twitter or find her YouTube channel to join in on Friday. I will post the link to her channel where you find all the sessions she has already done. 


Twitter: @janeconsidine

YouTube: The Training Space

Sentence building


Use the sentence below as a starting point and complete the questions.



My house has chicken legs.


Complete these:


  1. My house has chicken legs, but
  2. My house has chicken legs, and
  3. My house has chicken legs, so
  4. My house has chicken legs because
  5. My house has chicken legs;


Expand the sentence:


  1. To describe the house and try and make it sound less peculiar that it has chicken legs.
  2. To add a relative clause, giving more information to the reader about the chicken legs


If we changed:


  1. The noun ‘house’ to the noun ‘dad, how would the story change? What would the reader now be expecting the story to be about?
  2. If we changed the ‘chicken legs’ to giraffe legs’ how might the reader react differently? How might they expect the story to be different?



Grammar blast