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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

Grow, discover & blossom

School Values

  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty

Y3 - Page 1

Each day

  • Read and record in your diaries: either school book, own book or online                            e.g.
  • Practise individual spellings: Y1/2, Y3/4 
  • Times tables rockstars online or practise learning them using the sheet given.
  • CGP Comprehension: one text and set of questions every other day (at least two texts a week).
  • CGP Maths: at least one page a day starting at the beginning. Could you challenge yourself by writing your own questions in the same style?
  • CGP Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling: at least one page a day starting at the beginning.


Looking forward to seeing you soon and sharing all the learning you have been up to.

Kind regards,

The Year 3 team!

Please log on to your purple mash account to join in our class blog! Here you can talk to your friends and to me about what you have been up to or anything you need help with. I am always here to help and will do my best to answer work related questions!



Year 1/2 spellings

Year 3/4 spelling lists in case you have misplaced yours!

As mentioned in the letter that accompanied your revision books, we would like you to get creative (as much as you can with whatever resources you have) and create something linked to our topic of the Anglo-Saxons! Some ideas:

  • to design/make a Saxon sword
  • to make a Saxon shield
  • to make a Saxon helmet
  • to make Saxon jewellery 
  • to create an information booklet on the Anglo-Saxons and their way or life (food, clothes, jobs, housing, children/education).
  • to sketch an image of an Anglo-Saxon artefact or Anglo-Saxon scene

Please just do what you can depending on what resources you have- we are NOT expecting ANYONE to buy anything just use what you already have! Feel free to do more than one of the options if you have the resources!


Enjoy and take care. Miss Morris and Miss Lord laugh

Log in to Charanga at home with your account to access super cool music resources to practise and learn at home. It's really easy and super fun! Just got to and enter your username and password which can be found on the document below.

Draw With Steve

Hey Drawing Fans, I did another Facebook LIVE video where I draw with families every day at 6pm UK

Friday 3rd April 2020

It's F F FRIIIIDAYYYYYYY! That can only mean one thing... BIG WRITE! Wuhoooo Miss Morris' favourite day!


If you haven't already please watch the legend of Beowulf video from Wednesday this week. If you haven't already picture map or act out the story so you understand it. Now today your job is to retell the story in your own words. It is a long story so it may be a good idea to only write up to Beowulf killing the beast Grendel! Here is some key vocabulary you may want to use:






malignant (evil)





Remember to use interesting sentence openers, adverbs and of course capital letters and full stops!


Please either write on paper and save for when we come back OR post on to write on purple mash and I will be able to read them straight away! Just log in, go to tools, 2write.


Good luck- can't wait to read your amazing stories!

Wednesday 1st April 2020

The story of Beowulf

Hrothgar's bravest warriors are being devoured by Grendel, the most evil creature alive. No one has been able to kill this evil beast until the arrival of Beowulf...

Watch the video and make notes or create a picture map of the story as we would in class. You can add key words you hear in the video that impress you! You can add colour to your picture map/story board but the aim of today is to make sure you understand the story and the sequence it happens in. Tomorrow you will begin to rewrite the story in your own words but for now just make sure you know the story well enough!

Monday 30th March 2020 maths problem

Once you have finished a book log on to purple mash and look at your 'To do's' here you will see a blank book review that you can fill in. I want to know all about what you have been reading, what you would rate the book and why. Hand it in on purple mash and then I can read and review them!

Friday 27th March 2020

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are working hard but also enjoying the sunshine in a safe place like your garden when you can! Here is today's maths problem of the day:



Still image for this video
Here is a video of a princess who is stuck in the clock tower. Watch it a few time and discuss what is happening. Some key questions to answer:
Why is she stuck? What happens if she leaves?
How did she come to be stuck there?
Will she ever escape?

Your task- to tell the story of the princess written in the first person (using I/my) and describe her feelings and emotions as you go. If you want to be super creative you could even change the ending to make it your own!

Tuesday 24th March- have a go at today’s maths problem!

White Rose answers

  1. 25, 47, 24     added together = 96
  2. Triangle = 9, square = 21, star = 31

Look at your fantastic grass heads! They have grown so much in just over a week! Have a go at writing down all the things that your grass will need to grow lush and healthy. Does grass pollinate? Why/ why not? If you were able to take your grass head home, keep growing it as long as you can and then you can give it a cool haircut! Take pictures of your grass heads new hair style for when we come back!