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Y6 - Page 1

Look at what you've all been up to!

Writing and WW2 poster by Ashleigh.

M'Kai's WW2 presentation.

Still image for this video

Sienna's WW2 Project

Summer's WW2 Project

Caylub's WW2 presentation

Ruby's WW2 presentation

50 recommended books for Year 6

Friday 27th March

It's Friday!!! That only means one thing: Big Write day. Along with some of the other tasks I have been uploading, I have added a writing task for today. I'd love to see what you come up with so if you can either write it on 2Write on Purple Mash or hand write it, take a photo and share on Twitter then I'll be able to enjoy it. 


I hope you have all been alright this week. I know it will have been strange (it's been strange for me too). Try to balance doing school work with other things too because that is really important. Be kind to people at home because they are doing their best and it's hard for them too. The weather has been great so getting outside when you can is good for the soul! 


Have a lovely weekend Bats and I'll be back next week.


p.s. I miss you all.

Let's get writing!

Top tips

Describe the woods and pay attention to detail (we talked about this last week when writing Ruin). 

Use your senses.

Use show not tell to describe how your character is reacting to their situation e.g. sweaty palms, racing heart etc.

Consider how to use short sentences to build tension (remember not to overuse them otherwise they lose their impact). 

Including adverbs will help you add detail to the action.

Using extended sentences with subordinate conjunctions either and the start or middle of the sentence will help add detail. 


Spellings (use these for handwriting as we normally would).

Teeny tiny shared reading.

Arithmetic (my mistakes are really becoming a problem).

Problems of the day.

Thursday 26th March

Happy Thursday Bats! I hope you are getting on well at home. It has been nice to see some of you on Purple Mash but I know some of you had problems logging on. I think it is just because there are so many children across the country trying to do the same so be patient. I am setting some work on Purple Mash and there is a blog going so if you haven't been on yet, give it a try at some point today as it means we can chat to you directly and you can chat to each other too. 


I have added some tasks for you below (the interactive version of labelling the heart is good!) so have a go at what you can. 



P.E with Joe | Thursday 26th March 2020

Day 4 of my 9am daily workouts

Super quick shared reading.

Spellings to use for handwriting.

Grammar blast

Key knowledge needed for the grammar blast:

antonym - a word that has the opposite meaning

grammatical term - it is asking you what time of clause it is

past perfect progressive form - to show an on-going action in the past has ended e.g. use "had been" and verbs with 'ing' ending.

preposition - show the position/location of something

Arithmetic - I messed it up again Bats!

Maths Problems of the Day

White Rose Ratio Lesson 3

Wednesday 25th March

Morning Bats! Hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful sunshine. I put a few things up over the past two days so I will let you get on with those bits and your work books. I have set some work using Purple Mash so you can log on to there (if the technology allows you to). I have also started a class blog on Purple Mash so it would be lovely to hear from you on there. There are lots of activities you can do and if you save them, I can see them too.


Have fun, Miss Foster

Tuesday 24th March

Morning Year 6! I hope you had a good day yesterday and managed to get some of this glorious sun on your face at some point. 

Below are a series of additional activities that you can work through today but you can also still access all of the previous day's tasks. 


P.E with Joe | Tuesday 24th March 2020

Day two of my 9am daily workouts

Super quick Shared Reading

Arithmetic: I've lost my touch already guys! Can you work out where I've gone wrong. Tweet me your corrections if you can.

Quick fire grammar and spellings.

Maths problems of the day.

Monday 23rd March


Here are some tasks, in addition to your home learning packs, that you can work through today. 

Stay safe and be kind!

Y6 Team smiley

Example timetable to help your organise your day.

Start your morning off with some PE with Joe Wicks. If you don't catch it live, you can watch it later on his channel:

Maths Problems of the Day

Here is today's handwriting. I have used words from the 3 and 4 spelling lists which you were also sent home in your packs.

Creative Writing

Try and create your own story using the starting phrase below:


             The air turned black all around me.


Send pictures of your writing using Twitter if you can and I'll try and give you feedback.