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Design and technology is a fantastic subject where children can be creative and practise lots of skills they have learned in other subjects. They are able to use their computing skills when researching their project,  art when they are designing, maths when measuring and English when they evaluate what they have made. Cooking is also part of the D&T curriculum.


There are four processes that the children work through when they are taking part in D&T:


1. Researching - children need to research what they are going to design in order to find the best ways to do so. They can explore different materials that would be suitable for their design.


2. Designing - children can draw diagrams or pictures of what they plan to make, and label them with their different materials and equipment that they will need to make it.


3. Making - children often find this process the most exciting as they start to create their own project which they can be very proud of.


4. Evaluating - children begin to think about what they really like about their project and what was successful. They can also then think about anything that didn't go to plan and how they might improve their project if they were going to do it again.


The most important part of D&T is designing something for a PURPOSE.



Nursery have been creating their own box models by selecting different materials and experimenting with different resources. They have a fantastic selection to choose from.

Year 1


The year 1 children have created their own superhero masks this half term. They researched different superheroes to see if they all wore masks and the different colours and shapes that they had. Once they had done this is was time to decide which materials to make the masks with.

Once they had decided, the children designed their masks and then made them. They had lots of fun doing this.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
The children then finished by evaluating their masks using two stars and a wish.
Picture 1

Year 4


The children in year 4 have been learning about the Vikings this half term and have created their own Viking shields, which look amazing!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Year 5


Year 5 created their own pop-up cards for Christmas. They explored the different types of pop-up cards and developed the technique to make the pop-up movement. The children then used their maths skills to experiment with the angle of their v-fold mechanism. They look brilliant!

Year 6


Year 6 have begun their chair projects and have created some fantastic designs so far. They have thought carefully about the equipment they are going to use and the amount of resources they will need.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3



If you would like to try cooking at home with the children, have a look at the links below for some quick and easy recipe ideas.


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