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Religious Education

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We have had a wonderful RE week here at Westglade. 14th October 2019

Misunderstandings About Religion

Animation explaining three widespread misunderstandings about religion. This video originally appeared as part of the HarvardX course Religious Literacy: Traditions and Scriptures.

At Westglade we teach Religious Education through themed weeks. Each class has a particular focus that they develop a deeper knowledge of over the week through their English, Shared Reading and Learning Challenge sessions. As well as learning about other religions they also relate this to their own lives. For example, what gives meaning for one religion becomes what has meaning to me in my life. How do they show gratitude and appreciation - how do I?


Curriculum coverage has been mapped out for each year group to ensure progression and fresh learning each year. It has been layered in such a way as to build on previous knowledge and re-visit it lightly but also incorporate new learning.


Each year group goes on a trip to somewhere in the local community linked to a religion they have been studying. This is an opportunity for hands on learning and having real, meaningful experiences. We are currently looking at ways to bring more people of different faiths into the classroom in order to answer questions and stimulate further questioning.

Year 2 visited a mosque and had a marvellous time! (Oct '18)

Class trips

Year 1 and Foundation visit a church
Year 2 visit the Islamic Centre
Year 3 visit a Gurdwara
Year 4 visit the Nottingham Liberal Synagogue
Year 5 visit a Buddhist Centre
Year 6 explore Faith in Action

The Big Story: Origins of Religion