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Music at Home

The Nottingham Music Hub have created some fantastic online lessons! 

If you watch the clip on Youtube, complete the quiz in the description below the video to score points for our school (don't forget to say you go to Westglade). 


Don't forget to use your Yumu/Charanga login to access music lessons online. If you have forgotten your login details, check your class e-learning page for them!



Pulse and Beat - Lesson 1- KS2 Session

Love of Three Oranges by Prokofiev Challenge Time! What is the definition of a beat or a pulse in Music? A) It's a Rhythm B) It's the speed at which all the ...

Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Music Without Instruments

I Like to Move it Move it

For this one, you will need two wooden spoons and a rolling pin!

Everybody Dance Now!

Singing Lesson 1 - Two Minute Lessons

Singing - Lesson 2

Singing Lesson 3

Singing Lesson 4 - La Shoni Langa Ma

Singing Lesson 5

Lesson 6 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow