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What is Geography at Westglade?


At Westglade Primary School, we seek to inspire our children’s curiosity and fascination in the diverse world in which we live. We aim to ensure our curriculum is engaging and current. Children at Westglade are provided with plenty of opportunities to explore both our school environment and further afield through our fieldwork activities and our challenging enquiry questions. You can read more about our Geography curriculum in our policy:

How is Geography progressive?


Our Geography curriculum has been designed collaboratively by our teachers and is intended to ensure that our teaching equips pupils with the correct knowledge and skills to understand the world around them. It is also designed to provide our children with the subject specific language that they need to describe, question and discuss the world around them.

To achieve this, the knowledge paths were mapped out to ensure the minimum level of knowledge the children should have in Geography was being achieved in each year group. To complement this, a Geography skills ladder was developed to show the progression of skills for Nursery to Year 6. We have used the latest research to develop these knowledge paths and skills ladders along with any CPD network sessions. Most importantly, we have used the knowledge of our children to ensure our Geography curriculum is relevant, engaging and suitable for our children.

Our curriculum is designed so the children build on their skills, one year to the next. Ultimately with the aim that when leaving us in Year 6 they are well-rounded individuals with the ability to question, challenge and improve the world in which we live.

How do we teach Geography?


Geography at Westglade is taught both through explicit Geography lessons, where children see themselves as Geographers and also discreetly through cross-curricular activities. The children answer overall enquiry questions over a series of lessons. Flashbacks are used to ensure we are providing regular retrieval opportunities in the learning of Geography and Geography skills. We use a range of resources, including but not limited to; maps, atlases, globes and other digital resources to further enhance their learning.


What does Geography look like?