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History is popular with the children at Westglade. History is practical, fun and cross-curricular. We deepen our understanding through questioning what happened in the past and comparing it to today.

Here are some of the intriguing questions we are exploring throughout the year.


  • Were the Vikings Vicious?

                Go to the Year 4 classes page in Autumn 1 to find out more.

  • Were the Romans really rotten?

                 Go to the Year 5 class page in Autumn 1 to find out more.


  • Does it rain everywhere?
  • Does Robin Hood shop at Tesco?
  • Is their anything left in the World to discover?
  • Why did London burn down?
  • Who would win "The World's Got Talent"?
  • Where would you rather live?
  • How did the Anglo Saxons live?
  • Guilty or not guilty?
  • Would I make a good Egyptian?
  • Greeks vs Vikings. Which gods would prevail?
  • What happened to felons in the sheriff's dungeon?
  • "Come dine with me" Can you design a Maya tasting menu?
  • When did we become people?
  • Who made Nottingham great?

Return to this page throughout the year to see how these Learning Challenges are tackled.