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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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School Values

  • Resilience
  • Creativity
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  • Honesty


What is History at Westglade?


Our History curriculum aims to ensure learning is effective, exciting and relevant to our children. We aim to stimulate children’s interest and understanding of the lives of people who lived in the past and the influences of history and historians on the future. Our young historians learn about people from the past that are relevant to them and their experiences, as well as people and periods of history that will widen and expand their knowledge of the world and people around them, and allow them to have a comprehensive understanding of the world that we live in today. Our aim is to develop a sense of identity and cultural understanding based on their historical heritage – learning the value of multicultural Britain. Our children learn a sense of chronology, understand the influence of significant events today, know how they fit within history and develop enquiry skills. 


You can read more about what our History curriculum looks like in our policy.

How is History progressive?

Recent research has supported the creation of our knowledge paths and skills ladders along with the use of the National Curriculum and our professional knowledge of our children. 

How do we teach History?


History at Westglade is taught from EYFS to Year 6, both through explicit History lessons, where children see themselves as Historians and also discreetly through cross-curricular activities. The children answer enquiry questions over a series of lessons. Flashbacks are used to ensure children are making changes to their long-term memory and provide the opportunities to apply and use substantive and disciplinary knowledge. We use a range of sources, including but not limited to: first-hand accounts, photographs, artefacts and other digital resources to further enhance their learning. Children are exposed to and learn a range of Historical vocabulary and are encouraged to use this across the curriculum to further embed knowledge.