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Science Curriculum


Each half-term our Science Question will change, depending on what topic the children are learning. This overarching question then feeds into what the children want to find out. These are displayed in each child's classroom and are updated with work as the children find out more. If you want to find out more about your child's current Science question, please visit their class page where all the current questions are displayed!

British Science Week


This week was British Science Week and to celebrate, each class took part in a variety of different activities all based around the theme of plants. The focus for BSW 2020 was 'Our Diverse Planet' so we aimed to show children a variety of plants, flowers, seeds and bulbs that might have been different to something they might have seen before!

Y2 Squirrels


Y2 discovering different food chains.

Y4 Magpies


Y4 Magpies experimenting with circuit equipment and creating working circuits.

Year 2


In Year 2, we have been thinking about what it means to be alive. We discussed what all living things need and then went outside to prove to Miss Taylor that we were alive. We worked in partners to draw around each other and then wrote ideas around the outside, explaining how we knew we were alive!

Year 2 organising things into living and non-living.

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Science Curriculum Overview