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F1 - Bees

Welcome Bees!


If you are starting in Nursery, you will become a Bee!  Here is a video with Mrs Turner showing you around your new classroom!  We hope that you will find lots of exciting things that you will want to play and explore with!

Bertie Bear

In Nursery, we have a very special bear called Bertie.  Bertie likes to go home with a child each Friday for the weekend and comes back to school on Monday.  We invite the children to share their experiences with a small group or the class and talk about what they did with Bertie.  It might be they went to the park and watched a film, they might have taken him to the shops etc. 

This is a lovely chance for your child to build up their confidence in speaking and give them a voice within the classroom.  We ask you to embrace having Bertie for the weekend and to take photos of your time with him and your family.

F1 classroom

Transition video