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Hola a todos!

You have been working so hard at learning Spanish this year and I hope these resources will help you to keep up with your learning. Have a go at learning some of the songs, try some of the activities that you can do and have a go with your family at some of the challenges from the Spanish Online Learning Challenge that you didn’t manage to try out! Take photos if you can, so you can keep a visual record of tasks you have completed.

 I look forward to hearing all about the amazing learning you have been doing. Stay safe and look after yourselves.

Hasta luego!

Senora Fretwell


Spanish Learning Challenge



Useful websites: - this website has many useful clips linked to most of the topics we have been learning, including stories, poems and songs in Spanish - fabulous website that contains PowerPoints of many of the topics we cover, along with worksheets that can be printed and caters for different confidence levels in Spanish too - you’ll love learning songs from this website and it also includes the lyrics to help you sing along too!

Basho and his friends have created lots of catchy songs to help you learn Spanish and these are just some of his popular ones we have listened to in school –Numbers 1-20                    - Colours (rap song)

Student booklets to print: These booklets are great for recapping Spanish skills, including grammar and writing in different tenses. Just do what you can do and don’t worry about anything in there that we haven’t done yet, as there is still more for us to learn.