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There are lots of wonderful resources to help you with Music at home. Below you will find links to some of these. 


Charanga - your individual logins are on your e-learning pages.


Nottingham Music Hub have provided some online lessons, find those below.


Music with Myleene Klass

Find out more about our Curriculum & Assessment as a whole on the following internal link:

The Music curriculum at Westglade is designed so that every child gets to express their creativity. We aim to encourage and inspire pupils to discover their inner voice. Children should be given opportunities to create and compose music, through song and using musical instruments. 


We are very lucky at Westglade, as we have specialist music teachers! When every child reaches Year 4, they get to learn to play the Clarinet in weekly lessons. If the child enjoys playing the clarinet, they are given the opportunity to continue learning to play in Year 5 and 6 too. Some of our amazing Year 6 children have been selected for a Music Scholarship, meaning they get small group tuition weekly. 


Year 5 have also had the Southwell Minister Choral Outreach programme in and have developed some excellent skills in singing. Year 3 will also be learning to play the recorder this year!

Music Camp 2019

The Great Orchestra Experiment 2019

Year 4 Clarinets

Year 3 Choral Outreach

Early Years have got a fantastic Music Wall!

Music in the Early Years


Music in the early years is very varied.  Children are encourage to express themselves through music - that could mean singing along, accompanying the music with their own instruments or even moving to the music and dancing!


The children often have access to the musical instruments in addition to the Music wall outside where they enjoy making their own music and adding accompaniments to their songs!


In the Early years, there is always singing as this helps children to learn and develop in so many ways!  The children also take part in group time using Music Interaction.  The children love to play instruments (exploring how they can make the instruments sound in different ways), Singing and taking turns with their friends.

Music in the Early Years!

The Great Orchestra Experiment

Every year, over 1200 children come together to play in the Great Orchestra Experiment. Take a look at the inspiring work Nottingham Music Hub are doing!


Ways to Inspire Children with Music


Music offers so many benefits for children:

  • it increases brainpower and memory
  • it fosters creativity and gives kids a form of artistic expression
  • it can help teach discipline and patience 
  • it can be a great confidence builder and help children socially


1. Listen

We have more access to music than ever before. When it comes to listening to music with your children, I recommend listening to music you love and trying to expand your musical tastes—both for the benefit of your children and for yourself. 

Children are born without a musical bias. If they love a song, it’s because they love a song. 

Children are born without a musical bias. If they love a song, it’s because they love a song.

You can stream music, dig out your old CD and record collections, listen on YouTube or listen to the radio. 


2. Sing


Enjoy singing at home, in the car or on your way to school with your children! It will help to develop their confidence and you can have fun too. 


3. Play

Learning to play an instrument can be magical for children. Learning to play a musical instrument empowers and inspires children. 


4. Dance

Dancing is definitely among the best ways to encourage a love of music in children.  

Dance with your kids. It's a great way to get physically active at any time of the year.


5. Record

Recording music is a fun way for kids to experience music from a different perspective—listening to themselves. With the technology we have today, nearly everyone can record singing or playing an instrument.

It's incredible to watch children listen to themselves singing. Like the rest of us, they're often surprised by the sound of their own voices.


6. Attend

Nothing compares to the experience of live music. If you want to inspire your kids to have a lifelong love of music, take them to concerts, festivals and other live performances. Seeing real people make music together is very inspiring and fun.