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Physical Education

Westglade Primary School is committed to developing Physical Literacy across the whole school and keen to join in both intra and inter competition events. Staff, Sports Coaches and children contribute to raising achievement in PE. Our blog pages below are regularly update by Miss Gell. Please check them out! :)
Westglade is commited to teaching Physical Education. Take a look at our PE curriculum coverage

Back to Notts School Games


As a school we are taking part in the Notts Back to School Games. The first competition has been Sports Hall Athletics. All classes from Year 1 to Year 6 have taken part over a 4 week period. Each activity is themed around Personal Best. Each child in the classes have tried to achieve their personal best.


Year 1 Athletics

Year 2 Athletics

What the children had to say:

Ellie - It was exciting because we are doing new things.

Grace - It made me happy because I like PE.

Harry - I liked the chest push because it was fun.

Year 3 Athletics

What the children had to say:

Esme - The Agility Run helps us use all our energy.

Saibella - The speed jump helps you get ready for anything!

Charlie - The shuttle run helps your legs get stronger.


Year 4 Athletics

What the children had to say:

Lacey-Mae - It was fun and I want to do more.

Taesharn - It's the best thing I have ever done in school because I love PE.


Year 5 Athletics

What the children had to say:

Logan - It gives you a rush of adrenaline when you are trying to get your personal best.

Jaxon - It was fun because you get lots of exercise.

Lexi - It was challenging because we have not done the exercises before.

Madison - I found it difficult because some of the activities you don't get right to start off with.

Year 6 Athletics

What the children had to say:

Harry B - I really enjoyed these sessions of PE.

Jasmyn - I loved dong the chest pass.

Jan'ae - I enjoyed the long jump because it is competitive.

Millie - It was lots of fun.

Johnny - I did things I hadn't done before.

Keaton - Everything was just plain amazing.

Giovanni - It helped increase my stamina.

Leon - Great fun to do!

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