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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

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Physical Education

What is Physical Education at Westglade?


It is important to raise the physical literacy of all of our children through fundamental movement (running, throwing, jumping, throwing etc skills). Our aim is to develop our children’s competence to excel in a range of physical activities and to be physically active for a sustained period of time. We promote positive wellbeing through physical activity and endeavour that all children lead healthy active lives. We aim that children learn and develop in competitive sports and activities. You can read more about how Physical Education is taught from our policy.

How is Physical Education progressive?

The National Curriculum quotes 'The purpose of PE is to inspire all children to succeed in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities'. At Westglade Primary School our PE curriculum has been designed collaboratively by our teachers and is based on latest research, as we believe keeping active and taking part in sport is important for children's personal development as well as their mental and physical health. 

To achieve this, knowledge paths were mapped out to ensure the fundamental substantive knowledge children should have in PE was being achieved within each year group. To complement this a PE skills ladder was developed to show the progression of disciplinary knowledge from Nursery to Year 6. Our curriculum is designed so the children build on their skills, one year to the next and ensures they become physically confident in a way that supports their health and fitness. 

How do we teach Physical Education?

Physical Education is taught every week through stand alone lessons. Our lessons are carefully planned by our specialist teachers to ensure that the children develop the substantive and disciplinary knowledge required. Swimming is currently taught from Year 2 - Year 6. Children swim for a half term and lessons are delivered by the Nottingham City swimming school.

What does Physical Education look like?