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Westglade Primary School

Westglade Primary School

Grow, discover & blossom

School Values

  • Resilience
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Excellence
  • Respect
  • Honesty


Welcome to Caterpillars! Here is some information on our daily routines and what we are doing in class. Thank you for all your amazing support we love working with you and your amazing children! Please regularly check Class Dojo for weekly updates also. 


Let's meet the F2 team!


F2 Staff

The F2 door opens at 8:30 and closes at 8:50. You can arrive at anytime between those times however any later than this will be marked as late. School finishes at 3pm however, we try to filter through from approximately 2:50 to avoid too many crowds at the gate and provide time for discussions with parents where needed. 


Lunches - All children in F2 are entitled to a free school meal if they would like one. The menu is on the website for you to look at and see. There are 2 choices, usually a meat and then a vegetarian option. If you have any special dietary requirements please let the staff know. Alternatively, you can send your child with a healthy packed lunch. In addition, children have access to milk and fruit in the morning. 


What to bring to school:

Please could children bring their reading books and diaries daily to school. We read 1:1 and change books once a week. This can be anytime between Mon-Fri. For those that read regularly at home we will sometimes provide 2 reading books to last them the week. The expectation for reading at home is 3-4 times a week with a comment written in the diary. This is very important to ensure children make the best progress they can and will help them in their journey to reach age related expectations in reading and writing before they enter year 1. 

In addition, please bring a water bottle every day. Water or diluted squash is acceptable however, no fizzy drinks please. 


School Uniform:

Our school uniform is navy. We ask for footwear to be black. As we have a lot of play based learning in early years, it would be a great idea to provide your child with a spare set of clothes to bring/keep in school in case they get wet/need a change. We do have some spare items in school however these are limited. 


What do we do in Caterpillars?

In Early Years, we follow a book based curriculum. This allows exposure to a wide variety of texts often based on the children's interests and specially picked texts which enables a deep understanding and learning experience of each text over a 3 week block period. We promote lots of language development which is an essential aspect of children's literacy development. Our texts filter through our in class provision where the children can extend their learning of the text through play and exploration.


Our continuous provision supports the development of children using the Birth to 5 and Development Matters documents created by the DFE. Please see the attached document below for the full document. We adapt the provision to support the needs of the children and often use child initiated ideas to enhance learning areas. It is great fun learning in F2! 








Additionally, we have direct teach lessons every day. These include, RWI (phonics), writing and maths. Other weekly sessions include RSHE and PE. Other areas of the curriculum are incorporated into our daily continuous provision. 


During certain times of the year, we have our lovely dance teacher Mrs Bathgate join us for dance sessions! Additionally, we have Singing Jane in on Tuesday afternoons to do a singing session with us which is fantastic. 


A large proportion of learning time is spent outside. Here we have further opportunities to develop learning and provide different experiences. Some examples of activities include construction, water areas, mud kitchen, potion making, climbing and an outdoor cafe. Mark making opportunities are always available in the form of chalk, paints and a variety of writing equipment. 

This half term!


We are currently focusing on the book 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson. This is a brilliant text which I'm sure most of you are aware of and may have already spent time reading it with your children at home. The children love all that this book has to offer and we are thoroughly enjoying our learning experiences with it. We have been expanding our vocabulary by focusing on adjectives/describing words for the characters and setting and using this in our writing. We are also looking at rhyming words and how they work. In other parts of the provision, we have other learning opportunities for example, making food such as scrambled egg to recreate the 'scrambled snake' mentioned in the book! Also, roasted fox made from cut, cooked carrots. Additionally, there are opportunities for box modelling characters, hand print Gruffalos, paper plate foxes, story retelling puppets along with many other child initiated ideas. 


Below is a link to the short film of the Gruffalo if you'd like to watch: